GPS Tracking

In today's competitive climate, the ability to control costs and operate at peak efficiency is critical. It is an integral part of any business model. The business case for asset tracking has never been more compelling. However, most available GPS tracking solutions are very complex and quite expensive. Not anymore!

Our WideAwake AM PM Technology Solutions track and manage both mobile and stationary assets. You get unattended GPS satellite tracking, with a web-based location service that is powerful but easy on your budget. Our solutions keep the ‘bottom line’ in mind, without costly two-way communications or the need for harnesses, wires, external power sources or antennas. The stealth design is so subtle you hardly know it is there, but it is. It’s ‘wide awake’ when you need it to be!

Fleet Analytics delivers affordable solutions for vehicles
and other critical assets for Security & Public Safety,
Service & Delivery, Livery, Construction, and Waste Management.

Telemetry Devices with
Globalstar Simplex Data
Service, GPS, RF, &
Motion Sensors

GPS Solutions &
Location Services
for Mobile &
Stationary Assets

"...... with the increase in steel cost, theft is on the rise. My Company noticed this and wanted to track our I-beam inventory. I found Fleet Analytics and saw they provided asset-tracking solutions including the AXTracker MMT. Fleet Analytics keeps track of the inventory location, is simple to navigate, and provides all the information I need to know..."

Shaun Koehler, Equipment Manager

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